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 Julia Ostertag´s next project is a fantastic horror movie:

A young woman drifts aimlessly through life when she gets access to a hidden parallel universe where a Dark Mistress and a circle of bizarre characters live a life full of witchcraft rituals and transgressive excesses.

Magic cinema merging dreams and nightmare to an occult psychedelic universe.

Using all my witchcraft I found an amazing ensemble and before the end of february we are going to shoot the first big scene in Berlin!
But to keep going and shoot the entire film, we still need your support! We need more locations, lights, catering and other things that unfortunately cost money.
So please take your chance and support us - using the donate button below on this page. Everyone who donates gets rewarded - guaranteed! With special surprises, updates, downloads, DVDs, filmposters, prints or Tarot readings by the director (can also be done via skype)
Please help us materialize this project and become a part of DARK CIRCUS
Synopsis: 20 year old Johanna lives a boring life. She tortures herself by eating disorders and self-harm. After she gets kicked out from her day job she starts having visions of strange seducing figures.
Then one night Johanna gets abducted to a different world - guided and inspired by a mysterious lady, the Mistress...In her world beneath the real city people live in a parallel universe like in another time. They hold bizarre rituals, invent their own rules and new forms of communication.
After an abundant initiation Johanna is kept there by the Mistress and becomes part of the cult. Johanna´s perception and self-confidence change. She meets other fascinating characters like Simon, the collector, who she starts an obsessive affair with, the dandy who lives in stories of romantic literature, Messenger, a cyber punk helping people to move between the worlds, the eccentric pair of the inseparables, and the master of ceremonies.
Johanna grows stronger, she leaves her old life behind and gets more and more into the occult while the world around her slowly collides…
DARK CIRCUS is a story of transformation offering Johanna insight into her deepest desires as well as her darkest nightmares.
Mit: Angela Maria Romacker, Namjira Al-Sefid, Florian Gysin, Annika Strauss, Nikolai Arnold,
Louis Fleischauer, Beatrice Baumann…
Soundtrack by Vortex - Kamera: Martin Rath/Shane K/Christoph Hüttner
Still Photography: Benjamin Lippke/Jacqueline Eckert
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